SKRResearch Is A Market Research Company That Collects Information, Analyzes Data, And Provides Market Solutions For Companies In Various Industries.

Our Vision & Mission

As a market research company, we give high quality service for satisfaction our clients


We believe we can give high standard from our service to clients and as a partners from our clients, and make market research easy for all stake holders


We Believe in Quality, and We believe clients success is our success

Our Value

Value # 1

Trusted and Excellent Service.

Value # 2

Friendly and Professionalism

Value # 3

Focus to Quality


Our Market

Qualitative and Quantitative (B2B)

Overseas and Local

Qualitative and Quantitative (B2C)

Overseas and Local


UX, Etc

Our Client

Clients I Portofolio Clients Categories

  • Finance, Banking
  • Automotive
  • Technology & Digital
  • Healthy and Product Healthy
  • Educations
  • Manufacturer (FMCG, Cigarette, Alloy and Steel, Soft Drink, Seasoning, etc)
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry Embassies of foreign countries
  • Sport Agency
  • Trade Agency
  • Market Research Agency (Overseas & Local), etc
Bank BRI

Our Milestones

We Believe in Quality, and We believe clients· success is our success, we consistently maintain high standards for every project & consultant. We understand clients' needs, we comprehend their business specific


Establish and founded and clients local


Expand to Overseas Clients and this year our clients percetage 50% Overseas 50% Local


Focus to improvment all system make satisfactions to clients, and with clients percentage 70% Overseas, 30% Local, and many from clients recommend to them


End of year 2022 our cliients 99% from overseas with satifaction clients level 98%

Our Offered Services

Our Service for research Qualitative, Quantitative and Fieldwork Management Service

Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Fieldwork Management Service
Desk Research

Our Service

Brand Health Check

We provide the brand health check package

Development Product Research

We help enterprises identify potential market segments

Customer Behavior

Solutions that thoroughly measure customer behavior

Competitor Analysis

Using a comprehensive competitive analysis model

What Our Customers Say

Mahmoud El-Shamy
Vice Director

I would like to thank you for your efforts & appreciate your continuous support. Also I would like to thank your team's efforts. and hope future you and your team's always support us if any project in Indonesia, we're happy for your service. very excellent service and fast to finish project.

vice Director

Looking forward to working with you soon again on the next opportunity we win together, thank you be partners in my company to success Research in Indonesia, during 13 weeks and our management satisfaction.

Linh Nguyen
Research Manager

Thank you for your continued support to our project so far, and you company service for this project make all from our company happy, hope future our collaboration more closer

Project Manager

Thank you so much for support our company every project in Indonesia, insight and service from your company make all of us happy. hope you always continues support us every project in Indonesia.

Our Management Team

Have questions or need support? Our team is here to help!

Admin SKRResearch
Admin SKRResearch
Admin Clients Service
Business Development and Clients Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, we are here to help

What Service from SKRResearch

SKRResearch Provide service Qualitative, Quantitative, Field Management Service and Desk Research

Do You Have Experiences team ?

SKRResearch have experiences team to support Research, if Clients only need Fieldwork Only SKRResearch can to provide that and have experiences more 10 years and have internal Fieldwork, if Clients need Full Service, SKR can provide full service Research and have experiences team such like Researcher, Data Processing, Fieldwork

does SKRResearch use research technology in conducting its research?

SKRResearch adopts advanced research tools in research activities: 1. such as using togo surveys, monkey surveys, cobocolex, in quantitative research and also supported by a team that has experience in computerized data processing, 2. also use online virtual applications for qualitative such as zoom, bluejeans so that clients from abroad can witness IDI, FGD, Triad sessions 3. In real time, you can see the results given on the official SKRResearch website by logging in with the ID and password provided by the SKRResearch team.

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