Frequently Asked Questions

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What Service from SKRResearch

SKRResearch Provide service Qualitative, Quantitative, Field Management Service and Desk Research

Do You Have Experiences team ?

SKRResearch have experiences team to support Research, if Clients only need Fieldwork Only SKRResearch can to provide that and have experiences more 10 years and have internal Fieldwork, if Clients need Full Service, SKR can provide full service Research and have experiences team such like Researcher, Data Processing, Fieldwork

does SKRResearch use research technology in conducting its research?

SKRResearch adopts advanced research tools in research activities: 1. such as using togo surveys, monkey surveys, cobocolex, in quantitative research and also supported by a team that has experience in computerized data processing, 2. also use online virtual applications for qualitative such as zoom, bluejeans so that clients from abroad can witness IDI, FGD, Triad sessions 3. In real time, you can see the results given on the official SKRResearch website by logging in with the ID and password provided by the SKRResearch team.